Published On: Mon, Feb 11th, 2013

Insel running scared, continues crying demonstrates weakness

DAE and Insel

WILLEMSTAD - "It’s my personal experience that when a competitor cries so much as Insel does, it means that they are weak financially and must cry and kick for their survival, “Ramiz answered to Insel’s shareholders letter to the Government and the article in a local media.

"While they are busy playing every dirty game in the book by spreading unfounded rumors, crying privately to the politicians and now publicly intimidating them, by also creating what appears to be alliances with officials, politicians and reporters that either are naïve or obtained what it seems  to be benefits. Insel has been trying to stop DAE growth since 2011, when they failed to kill her. On the other hand at DAE we are busy building a different Airline. If Insel has any evidence of their allegations of unfair competition, they should go to court and stop DAE. They don't and that is the reason for the rumors, the intimidations and the dirty games; "Pobres tontos incapaces" (poor incapable idiots) was Ramiz’ remarks.

If Insel’s shareholders can't take the heat, maybe they should sell us their shares in Insel, this business is not for crying babies. We will buy their shares and that way they don't have to worry so much about DAE and keep crying and kicking for their survival. Curaçao will appreciate it and I am sure that everyone is tired of this soap opera.


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