Published On: Mon, Feb 22nd, 2016

Juliana Alves; the face of Curaçao in Brazil

JulianaAlves(L)WILLEMSTAD - What the actress Juliana Alves, the face of Curaçao in Brazil, likes the most about the island is the diversity in union that one can experience in Curaçao. This yeas her presence as host in the Curaçao “camerote” (cabin) during the carnival of Rio de Janeiro caught a lot of attention. Juliana Alves, this year was the first runner up in the “Reina de Bateria” competition. “Reina de Bateria” is comparable to the Queen of Carnival but it also has the participation of the group’s samba band, which has about 200 participants. Juliana feels very comfortable and loves to be the face of Curaçao in Brazil.

The Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) recently signed an agreement with Juliana Alves for her to become the face of Curaçao in Brazil. This was very opportune during the carnival season when Juliana became the first runner up in the “Reina de Bateria” competition with her representation of the Unidos da Tijuca samba school. Unidos da Tijuca is the third oldest active carnival group in Brazil. It was founded in 1931. It’s a group that every year participates with 4000 participants in Rio de Janeiro.

Juliana Alves is a very popular actress in Brazil. She’s 33 years old and was born in Rio de Janeiro. She appeared in JulianaAlves&AmauryJr-2movies like Cheis de Charme (2012), Two Faces (2007) and India-A Love Store (2009). Brazilian media typifies her as elegant, beautiful and sympathetic. CTB is using this attention that she attracts, as was the case during this year’s carnival. Her image is being used by CTB on different CTB’s online platforms and soon will expand this to other media.

Mr. Hugo Clarinda (CTB) indicated that Juliana Alves is a person that the Brazilian public can associate themselves with. Her choice as the face of Curaçao offers the opportunity to introduce the island or make Curaçao better known in the Brazilian market. Brazil is a very large market with a good potential for Curaçao to develop itself as a tourist destination. “Just as Juliana said the diversity in union, combined with our beaches and other attractions are very attractive for the Brazilians.”

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