Published On: Mon, May 27th, 2013

Presumably oil and gas in Curacao territorial waters

Prime Minister Hodge in ParliamentWILLEMSTAD - According to outgoing Prime Minister Daniel Hodge there is most likely oil and gas in the Curaçao territorial waters. Hodge said this during the public meeting this morning in Parliament. The Prime Minister suggested a criminal investigation be carried out into the disappearance of oil documents.

The debate on the presence of natural gas in the territory of Curaçao has been going on for years. The political party PAR carried out an investigation into the presence of natural gas. Gerrit Schotte was also doing his own investigation even before his term as Prime Minister. He tried to find documents on oil presence and drilling.  As Prime Minister, Schotte claimed in 2010 that the government De Jongh-Elhage had signed three contracts with oil exploration companies and that the documents had disappeared.

Hodge paid a visit in April to the national archives to get more information on the oil and gas maps. During the visit he was given a tour of the archives of gas and oil business of the former Office for Oil Affairs. This office was headed by Clark Gomes Casseres, who, according to Hodge, advocated for exploratory drilling to the possibility of oil and gas in the Curaçao waters. Hodge said this morning that he has not found anything. The three contracts signed by the PAR with the oil exploration and drilling companies have also disappeared. That is why he wants a criminal investigation into the disappearance of these documents.

SchotteFormer Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte can be seen in a youtube video holding one of these maps. According to member of Parliament, Glenn Sulvaran, these are the documents which disappeared from the national archives.

Source: Amigoe and MP Glenn Sulvaran

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