Published On: Thu, Feb 7th, 2013

Ramiz’ group will assume 100% of the stock of Dutch Antilles Express and affiliates companies

WILLEMSTAD – As previously agreed with former share holders, the Trust Director and Korpodeko, with the blessings and agreement of MCB, GIRO Bank and the mayor commercial creditors Nordic Aviation, Aerocentury, ATR and Sabena, the group lead by the Airline Entrepreneur Nelson Ramiz, successfully reached agreements with all those concerned and will take ownership of the Airline’s stocks and of the other related affiliates once owned by Mr Sandman.

Ramiz noted "This has been the first and only Airline restructuring where NO employee lost its job. The Banks, Commercial Creditors and Lessors will eventually get their money they thought were lost back in July 2011. The Airline has grown in 2012. While the restructuring was going on, 55% more passengers flew in 2012 than in 2011. The company saw 66% more revenues come in. It tripled the size of its fleet and increased their daily flights and destinations substantially. There are many challenges ahead. This is a complicated and risky industry, but I believe we have a well thought plan and people with passion and determination to implement it."

When asked about some media articles that refers to the creation of new companies and change of names, Ramiz answered;  "I honestly did not see the article. I’m not in Curaçao. I am very busy building the best airline in Curacao and soon to be the reference in the Caribbean, to put too much attention to all what the media writes."

"With respect to DAE, we are taking over all debts. All debts have been negotiated and we are ready to take this airline to the next step. We don't have any intentions to create another company. I think that these are the boys across the street. I saw that they were establishing an Airline in Aruba, maybe they realized that this Island was too small for both of us and DAE is a very hard rock to swallow," Ramiz commented.

"With respect to the change of names, it is recommended that when any business goes through a reorganization and they are successful in emerging, they change the brand and even their name and their aircraft livery when we refer to airlines. Even the uniforms should be adapted to the airline’s vision and future plans. DAE will not be an exception. I hired a firm in United States that is going to give us recommendations with respect to our brand. We will implement that change maybe in 2014 or 2015 when the new A319 and A 320 will replace the MD 83 and F100. For now we are happy with our Curaçao’s sun on our tail and we are satisfied with our name."

Ramiz further informed that he is in Miami negotiating the acquisition of two additional MD83’s to be registered in Curaçao and will be flown by local crews and maintained by local mechanics. This aircraft will be in DAE’s fleet temporarily till Curaçao returns to FAA category 1 and the Airbus will be certified by Curaçao. The two temporary MD83’s will be used to increase capacity of seats to Valencia and Maracaibo and to open new routes to Quito and Lima this year. The aircrafts will be ready by May of this year and they are being overhauled in Dubai.

Ramiz also announced that next week he will inform of some other news referring to DAE that will further confirm that 2013 will be set to be the year when DAE will position itself in Curaçao as the most important Airline for the Benefit of Curaçao, its employee and its people.

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