Published On: Wed, Jan 16th, 2013

Schotte: MFK will not participate in elections anymore

WILLEMSTAD – Former Prime Minister and leader of the political party MFK Gerrit Schotte, declared this morning during a radio interview that his party will no longer participate in any elections. Schotte said that his party, MFK, can no longer agree with the way democracy is being practiced here on the island.

“The population has no guarantee that they whoever they elected, will actually govern,” Schotte declared. According to the former Prime Minister, the current electoral  system is the cause of the “seat theft” and “opportunists” who gets free rides with the major vote getter of the party.

Since August 3, 2012 (former) Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte has resigned, after his Government lost the majority in Parliament.  Schotte has also dissolved Parliament and called elections for October 19, 2012.

After Schotte’s resignation, the majority in parliament consisting of the political parties PAR, PNP, FOL and the two independent members Eugene Cleopa (former MAN) and Dean Rozier (former MFK) argued that Schotte is not only handling current affairs but is starting new projects and is misusing public funds for political purposes, therefore they’ve requested the Governor to form an interim government to handle ongoing affairs and to prepare for the upcoming elections.

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