Published On: Mon, Dec 10th, 2012

Screening candidate Minister starts now

WILLEMSTAD – Formateur Glenn Camelia will now send letters to the various candidates for the minister to request their approval in writing for the screening. This was declared by Camelia himself. With these letters the screening process has officially begun.

The formateur will meet this afternoon with acting Governor Adele van der Pluijm-Vrede on the screening process. According to Camelia, if everything goes quickly, the certification of the new ministers, will take place before Christmas. Previously, the participating parties Pueblo Soberano, PAIS, PNP and independent Member of Parliament Glenn Sulvaran have turned in the list with the persons they nominated for the minister to Camelia.

The written approval of the candidate ministers, according to the National Ordinance integrity (candidate) ministers, is a requirement. It states in Article 2 that when someone standing as a candidate to be minister, this in fact implies that he agrees with the required examinations. Article 2 also states; “Perhaps unnecessarily pointed out that, if the applicant does not consent, there will be no investigation onsequently he/she will not be nominated as minister,”

If permission is given, , prior to the nomination for appointment of a minister, six investigations will take place, a judicial investigation, a state security investigation, a tax investigation, investigation of unusual transactions, a medical examination and information given by the candidate and his family. The persons and / or bodies involved in the implementation of this investigations are the Attorney General, the Director of the Secret Service Curaçao, the Inspector of Taxes, the Director of Social Insurance, the Collector of Taxes and Director of the Department Unusual Transactions. The results are turned in to the Formateur, in this case to Glenn Camelia and he will inform the Acting Governor about the results.

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