Published On: Wed, Dec 5th, 2012

Wiels’ followers are turning their backs on him

WILLEMSTAD – In a letter to the media, a group who calls themselves Kòrsou Fuerte i Outonomo (KFO)(Curacao Strong and Autonomous) have indicated taht there were many citizens who voted in last election for those who for more than six years have fought with them for a cause and the sacred principle of solidarity and sovereignty. Sovereignty does not belong to any political organization, according to KFO, not even for this organization to think they can decide when this fight for own government and real democracy comes to an end. “Let that be clear to all politicians,” KFO stated.

“This year our young nation has known its first election after 10-10-10. In the negotiations to form a new government many voters, who fought with us and has chosen for a sovereign state, cannot recognize their vote and choice in the politics, which was going by those we elected. We thought that those we had chosen would stand by us for our sovereignty. They have relinquished our fundamental principle just to get in power no matter what.”

“Everything indicates that those we have voted for are fake keepers of our sovereignty. In the last election more than 70 percent of the people have cast their ballots and have shown interest in the direction the country was going. This was to indicate its desire to follow the idea of the NO option and to reject the dubious way in which power groups in this country have destabilized and dissolved the government chosen by the people in 2010. In 2012 there is no doubt that  the people have chosen for the same government which was dissolved by neo colonial powers in September 2012. The clarity and tranquility which we believed we would get after the election of October 2012, however, became an illusion. Our desire to gain sovereignty has received a hard blow. After the election we have realized and experienced a treason towards most voters in Curacao, who deposited their trust and support to the former coalition which was democratically chosen. This event has caused many to lose confidence in politics. It seems as if the determination, which the parties Pueblo Soberano, MFK and MAN announced they had before the election to regain control of the Government has given the voters confidence. But everything indicates that the PS leader, whom we had put our trust in, has deserted the fight and has relinquished powers to those who opposed the sacred fight for sovereignty during these last years. He appointed people in government who reminds us of those he fought against and thereby grow politically. This is unpardonable. A politician who has asked the people to vote for him, and has received these votes, now recognizes he’s not capable of governing and must look for “capable people” to do the work for him. Why did he participate then? It’s not only the thought of own government, sovereignty and real democracy against the colonial one, but it’s the question of being honest with the voters before and after the elections.”

“For the last seven years we have given content to real democracy, with a hard battle based on principles. The party Pueblo Soberano was in the position to lead this movement to realize our real autonomy with our own government, but it has chosen to divide the NO group which helped them grow.”

“This fight for independence will continue until we have our own government and real democracy in all aspects in Curacao,” KFO concluded.

The letter was signed by three prominent lawyers and now former followers of Pueblo Soberano.

KFO (Kòrsou Fuerte i Outónomo)

Anthony Eustatius                           Chester Peterson                            Peppie Sulvaran

Curacao, December 5, 2012

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