Published On: Sat, Jun 1st, 2013

14 Natural remedies for back pain

back-painBack pain is one of the most common -- and debilitating -- medical problems. The National Institutes of Health reports 80 percent of Americans suffer from a back injury at some point in their lives - with many people reaching for over-the-counter relief such as aspirin, ibuprofen or anti-inflammatories. Though effective, long-term use of these medications can lead to stomach ulcers. A better approach is helping your body heal itself through natural means, such as diet, supplements, bodywork and exercise. Here's how.
Causes of back pain

According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, back pain has many causes, including poor biomechanics, degenerative changes in the spine, injuries from falls or improper lifting, overuse and some medical conditions.It can be due to poor postural habits, strains, and also muscle tension. It is also very common in pregnant woman due to the stretching of ligaments around uterus. Here are some remedies for the lower back pain.

Whether you have chronic back pain or if you only have occasional backaches, changes in your lifestyle can help you strengthen your back , prevent back injuries and put an end to back pain for good.

Here are some recommendations
Natural remedies for back pain

1. Clean up your diet

Improving your diet by eliminating alcohol, dairy, caffeine, sugar and high-fat foods as well as eating whole foods, fruits and veggies, and omega-3s can help your body regenerate and repair itself.
2. Stay hydrated

Fielder says drinking enough water may help reduce the shrinkage that happens in the spongy disks of the back (shrinkage occurs naturally with age and can lead to pain). Caffeine, as in coffee and soda, may cause dehydration and should be replaced with water. She also suggests drinking more than the minimum eight (8-ounce) glasses a day if you exercise.

3. Relax with B vitamins

Dr Teitelbaum also recommends vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B12. These help muscles relax and can decrease neuropathic pain.

4.Eat up omega-3s

Fielder says the back loves omega-3s because the fatty acids help reduce inflammation and, as a result, back pain. She recommends eating coldwater fish or taking fish or flaxseed oil supplements

5.Aromatherapy to the rescue

For topical relief, make your own massage oil with 1) a base oil and 2) healing essential oils, such as peppermint, rosemary and lavender. eucalyptus and mustard oil is very favorable for severe back aches

6.Alternative therapies

A number of alternative therapies are proven to reduce back pain. Massage, acupuncture, craniosacral therapy and yoga can help relieve tight muscles, increase circulation, release endorphins and encourage the body to heal and repair itself.

7.Keep one warm and eat only hot items in case of a chronic back pain.

8. Garlic should be included in diet on regular basis.

9. Tulsi is the best medicine. Boil tulsi in water until the syrup is reduced to half of actual size and add salt after cooling.

10. Half a tea spoon of jaggery is very effective medicine that can be eaten with warm water after meals only.

11. Cardamom with honey shows the best results at times of back ache.

12. Take a cloth or jute bag full of ice. Now start massaging with that back. It helps to reduce the inflammation in the back.

13. Sleeping on firm mattresses facing to the ceiling helps to have proper blood flow and there by reducing the aches.

14. Exercise is the best way to keep fit from all types of ache.

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