Published On: Wed, Apr 20th, 2016

5 areas never to sacrifice in your life

Peace-of-Mind-wooden-sign-740We’re all time starved. We’re all stretched to our capacity. And we’re all chasing the near impossible idea of balance in life. That’s why we don’t sleep. We crash. That’s why we don’t dine. We scarf down food while staring at a screen. And despite it all, it never seems to be enough. We could always be doing more.

Because the demands of life have become non-stop, we get caught in the never ending ferris wheel of always having to do more. The only problem is that while we’re increasing the quantity of what we do, the quantity of time we have to do it in is unchangeable. This is when we neglect or give up on the core areas of our lives. The more these areas are overshadowed by to-do lists, client dinners, and staying up to date with your email while you’re away from the office, the less satisfied you’ll be in the long run. You’ll have one of those breakdowns where you can’t figure out how you got here and if it was really worth the sacrifice.
Press pause and make a commitment to yourself not to sacrifice these five areas of your life.

#1 Your Health

When you’re working long hours, it’s easy to kick your health to the curb. Chinese takeout and skipping Zumba class don’t seem like a big deal when you have so much else going on. Right? Wrong. While these short-term satisfactions may ease your exhaustion, they’ll slowly degrade your long term health. And your physical health affects everything: your happiness, your confidence, and your mindset.

#2 Your Finances

When you’re wrapped up in a job and getting a steady paycheck, it’s easy to think you have enough to get by. Maybe you will but without a budget or a financial plan in place, chances are you’re headed for a financial disaster. You may have no emergency fund. What happens is you suddenly lose your job? What happens if a financial emergency comes up? Budgeting isn’t just for broke people. It’s for pretty much anyone and everyone (unless you have a trust fund sitting around). Always make a plan for your money and ultimately your future.

#3 Your Family

Family means different things to different people. For me, family isn’t about blood relatives. It’s about your support system. The people who will be there for you, challenge you, and simply be straight with you. These are the people who have your back. They tell you what you may not want to hear but what you need to hear. Your support network is a two-way street. Life may get busy and the thought of catching up over dinner may feel exhausting. But the same way you need them, they need you.

#4 ‘You’ time

When is the last time you did something just for yourself? The cliché, you have to love yourself first, may seem tired and a touch cheesy but it couldn’t be further from the truth. If you don’t regenerate yourself and simply make time for you, you’ll be run down and miserable. Nobody is going to fill your heart until you do that first. Make time to spend with just yourself. Being at peace with yourself will increase your ability to be present, your happiness, and overall confidence.

#5 Your spirituality

I didn’t come from a very religious background but I do believe we all have some level of spirituality within us. Take time to say thank you and acknowledge your own spiritual or religious figures. Gratitude, kindness, community, and faith are binding principles which keep us grounded yet give us the sustenance to move forward.

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