Published On: Mon, Dec 16th, 2013

“Arm pain helped with detection of lung cancer”

Jorge Martinez Badia at the Innovative Cancer Institute in MiamiMIAMI – Jorge Martinez Badia, as usual, woke up early. He works at a school where he helps children cross the street in the morning and in the afternoon. It seems like it was such a long time ago that it is hard for him to remember when it happened. He got a sharp pain in his arm, which made it necessary for him to visit his primary care physician. He was prescribed ibuprofen to relieve the pain of the suspected arthritis that seemed to be progressing because of age. After he ran out of his prescription, the pain abruptly returned. The doctor suggested a chest x-ray. As Jorge waited to get tests done, out of nowhere at work, he started coughing up blood. Frightened, he immediately went to the ER of the nearest hospital.

After several tests, including a "capsule endoscopy" (whereby one swallows a small camera that takes pictures of your digestive system) and a "fine needle aspiration biopsy" of the lungs (where cells are removed from the affected organ to be analyzed), Martinez Badia was diagnosed with lung cancer. The second test had come back as "positive".

lung2"Cigarette consumption is the highest risk factor, and is the cause of 22% of global deaths from cancer in general, and 71% of global deaths from lung cancer" affirms Dr. Beatriz Amendola - who designed the treatment for Mr. Martinez Badia. "You can't also forget the genetic factors. If a patient has family history with lung cancer, he or she should ask a doctor to get specific check ups for early detection." - finalizes Dr. Amendola.

Jorge Martinez Badia is grateful to Dr. Amendola, for the treatment he received at the Innovative Cancer Institute in South Miami. Today, 3 years later Mr. Badia is free of disease and he has been able to reassume his daily life and work activities. He appreciates having had access to the latest technology in radiation, which allowed ICI to treat only the affected tissue assuring a faster and more effective recovery without side effects.

Dr. Beatriz Amendola is a world renowned Radio-Oncologist who educates colleagues all over the world. She states that the improved advances in technology  are cost- effective, providing the best treatment possible to the patients.

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