Published On: Tue, Dec 22nd, 2015

Dangers that hide behind waxing the intimate zone

dangers-that-hide-behind-waxing-the-intimate-zoneNo matter if it comes to shaving or epilation, any type of removal of pubic hair can be hazardous to women’s health.

This leads to irritation of the skin, which is already too sensitive and thus the risk for the occurrence of infection and transmission of sexually transmitted diseases is increased.

Pubic hair is not without any purpose, in fact, they protect the skin from damage from bacteria and infections. When you remove pubic hair, the skin remains unprotected because there are no longer hairs so small openings, inflammation and infections appear onto the skin.

Guide to waxing the bikini area

Infections can be recognized by the following symptoms:

  • Cysts
  • Scars
  • Warts
  • Folliculitis
  • – Subcutaneous hairs
  • Bubbles that can extend even to the stomach or hips appear

Irritation of the skin after waxing combined with the heat and humidity of the intimate zone makes this body part a fertile ground for the creation of infections.

Avoid mistakes when waxing bikini zone!

If however, you do not want to have hair on these parts of the body, try to take all preventive measures in order to reduce the risk of infections – do the waxing only in cosmetic salons because they are using a special wax for the intimate zone (disposable). You should also wear cotton underwear and make sure to refrain from sex immediately after waxing in order to allow the skin to recover.

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