Published On: Fri, Oct 4th, 2013

Foods you must avoid during pregnancy

avoidDuring pregnancy it is advisable to eat natural foods, but there are certain food groups you should avoid.

Avoid Seafood in Pregnancy

Seafood is a great source for Omega 3 which is beneficial for the baby. But you must avoid seafood with high mercury that can damage the baby's brain. Avoid shark, king mackerel, crabs, prawns and salmon - seafood contains mercury.

Avoid Undercooked Food In Pregnancy

It is important to avoid the consumption of raw and undercooked food. These foods may contain bacteria and viruses which can affect the mother and baby. Consume well cooked food and properly refrigerate food to avoid cross contamination.

Avoid Unpasteurized Food In Pregnancy

Unpasteurized food can contain food borne diseases. Hence avoid dairy products that are not properly pasteurized. You can consume mozzarella, cottage cheese and skim milk. But avoid cheese like feta and brie.

Avoid Unwashed Vegetables and Fruits In Pregnancy

It is important to cook food for consumption during pregnancy. Do not consume food that is not cooked, raw or under cooked. These foods may contain bacteria and germs that can impact you during pregnancy. Wash all food products thoroughly before you cook it.

Avoid Caffeine, Tea, Alcohol in Pregnancy

Completely avoid caffeine, tea and alcohol during pregnancy to prevent birth defects and complications. These three drinks can increase the risk of miscarriage.

Raw Sprouts

Think before putting raw alfalfa or sprouts into your salad or sandwich. It is seen that raw sprouts is linked to Salmonella and E. coli, therefore it’s better to avoid them during pregnancy. Try substituting sprouts to baby arugula or baby spinach or some green beans. This will definitely give flavor and color and that crunchy texture to your salad and sandwich plus it will upgrade your green vegetable serving.

Raw Eggs

Only eat well cooked eggs where both white and yolk is solid. Unless it’s been made using pasteurized eggs, you should avoid foods containing partially-cooked or raw eggs: mayonnaise, homemade ice cream, eggnog and raw cookie dough. Avoid hollandaise sauce and Caesar dressings unless you know for sure that they are egg-less. This is to prevent salmonella. Also keep eggs well refrigerated and make sure you don’t eat expired eggs.

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