Published On: Sat, Aug 17th, 2013

Garlic contains sulphur and kill good or bad bacteria?

GarlicGarlic ceguyzontains almost 80 sulphur compounds. Organic sulphur is famous for its healing and infection fighting ability.

Garlic also contains an extremely powerful sulfuric compound called Allicin which is released when ever garlic cells are crushed, bruised or damaged. Allicin makes garlic one of the most popular natural alternatives to pharmaceutical antibiotics.

Life penicillin, garlic’s allicin kills:

* Bacteria
* Fungus
* Microbes and protozoa in the digestive tract
* Gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria

making it the world’s most effective and most natural broad spectrum antibiotic. It has been proven in the laboratory to kill every bacteria known, and at the same time, unlike antibiotics, it does not harm your important friendly intestinal flora bacteria.

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