Published On: Fri, Nov 7th, 2014

Marijuana pros & cons

marijuana-leaf1Marijuana is the dried leaves and flowering tops of the plant of the genus Cannabis, it contains the active ingredient THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which has an intoxicating effect, it can be smoked in a joint, a bong, or through any other device it can also be added to food and beverages, such as brownies cooked with THC oil.

Considered as a soft drug that opposes any other hard drug like cocaine and heroin, marijuana is a recreational drug used without medical justification for its psychoactive effects in the belief that such occasional use of such substance is not addictive, and it is believed that it can act as a pain reliever for certain types of medical conditions, although there is no scientific data available to prove its benefits.

After being illegal for many years in the U.S., Oregon, Washington, Colorado and Alaska are now permitting the sales and the use of marijuana for people older than 21, at a time where most Americans support plans to legalize it in theory according to a Wall Street journal poll.

In the Netherlands government is banning foreigners from coffee shops, and closing those located nearby schools during teaching hours, according to Associated Press marijuana is technically illegal there but the possession of small amounts is not prosecuted, cultivation and wholesale distribution remain a crime, the only government agency responsible for the production of cannabis for medical and science purposes is the office of medicinal cannabis OMC.

Despite its relationship with Holland, Curacao is an autonomous island within the Dutch Kingdom, it has its own legislation and Parliament, weed is very much illegal although it’s said that marijuana is sold in clubs and around some popular streets, nevertheless if it was legalized Curacao might benefit greatly by implementing a whole sale tax revenues that will boost the economy, it will be the Caribbean Mecca for cannabis fans under law enforcement to monitor legitimate cultivation and THC amount.

If we can compare marijuana to alcohol, alcohol was prohibited in the U.S. history for a long period of time, manufacturing and selling liquors was outlawed, and it was clear that this issue ended up by being more damaging than the consumption itself, traffickers and mafia created a black market embedded by violence and crime, prohibiting marijuana falls in the same category, if it’s kept illegal it will preserve the monopoly of the trade for big cartels already controlling the distribution.

Decriminalization of marijuana can be done through erasing the penalty of its possession and replace it with regulations that define the usage and amounts under the law.

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