Published On: Mon, Aug 5th, 2013

Orgasm better for brain than crossword puzzle

women and orgasmAn orgasm is better for your brain than solving a crossword puzzle. This is according to Professor Barry Komisaruk after years of research. According to the scientist a sexual climax gives a good workout to your entire brain, not just a piece of it.

In addition, according to Professor Komisaruk an orgasm also blocks pain and can therefore be used to relieve the pain during childbirth. Also depression, anxiety and addictions can be dealt with according to him, if scientists succeed in producing the enjoyment mechanism in the brain that triggers orgasm and use it in other ways.


“During an orgasm we see a huge increase of blood flow to the brain," he told The Times. "I therefore believe that it cannot be bad. It brings all the nutrients and oxygen to the brain. Moreover orgasm reached the full brain. In mental exercises like crosswords or sudoku puzzles, the brain activity is up only in certain areas.”

Professor Komisaruk came to his conclusions after studying the blood flow in the brain of female subjects during an orgasm. The women had lay in a narrow tube of a functional MRI machine for this test.


"It's a groundbreaking research, much of which can be learned ', thinks Professor Komisaruk. "We still know almost nothing about pleasure. It is important to know how the brain produces it. What parts of the brain play a role, and we can use this process in other applications,” he wonders now.

The 72-year-old American scientist has been studying the sexual pleasure in women since the 60s. Back then he experimented with rats. In 1982 he switched to experiment with women.

Source: Telegraph

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