Published On: Mon, Nov 4th, 2013

The 1st “Report of Healthcare Providers and Economic & Demographic Indicators Impacting the Delivery of Healthcare Services in the Region” now available

stackpoleBROOKLINE, Massachusetts -  The research report, Infrastructure and Indicators of Healthcare in the Caribbean, has been launched as the first complete canvas of the international health care systems across the region. Detailing the comparative healthcare infrastructures and related information in the Caribbean, the 300+ page report delivers this information and more in one, easy to use, comprehensive

Created jointly by health care experts at Medical Tourism Training Inc. and Stackpole & Associates, Inc. this comprehensive report details the types and locations of health care providers in 26 Caribbean islands and offers an in-depth analysis of economic and demographic data that directly impact the region’s health care services. Designed to assist healthcare policy development and resource allocation, this compendium of data is a key single resource for decision-makers, capital investment, human resources development and deployment and strategic planning. Infrastructure and Indicators can be used to improve access to health care services for local populations and for medical travelers. This factbased study demonstrates the comparative areas of excellence in the region, as well as identifying the gaps in health care delivery.

According to Irving Stackpole, President of Stackpole & Associates, “Our attempts to secure this marketplace intelligence several years ago demonstrated the need for this single reference. We are pleased to offer this resource as an international benchmark for the region to those interested in and responsible for healthcare as well as medical tourism. We expect this information to be extremely useful and represent a model for objective, reliable data gathering and reporting."

A milestone achievement of international healthcare research, this substantial tool will benefit governments, nongovernmental organizations, agencies working in the region, consultants and private enterprise. The report dispels the myth that the Caribbean is a monolithic block of countries with few differences or distinctions. Elizabeth Ziemba, President of Medical Tourism Training Inc., states, “The data clearly demonstrates the diversity of services available in the Caribbean, identifying gaps and opportunities to improve healthcare services for local populations and to attract international patients”.

With more than 300 pages of maps, tables, charts and analysis, the report contains information about 26 countries including:

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