Published On: Tue, Mar 5th, 2013

Agreement between SEHOS and CMC to remove pressure tank

HospitalWILLEMSTAD – The Curacao Hospital (SEHOS) and Curacao Medical Center (CMC) have reached an agreement to remove the pressure tank from the premises of the hospital.

SEHOS has resorted to court to force CMC to remove the pressure tank and today the court has ruled in their favor. For everyday that CMC fails to remove this tank, they  have to pay a hefty fine.

After the ultimatum given to CMC had expired on numerous occasions, SEHOS was left with no alternative but to go to court. “We want to install our own pressure tank, but the notorious tank from CMS is in the way. It’s about a tank which was stuffed in our throats but which was never operated. Think which was named Brother Valerianus has received so many negative publicity because Cabinet Schotte said that it was a gift but afterwards we found out that it was not a gift. Till today this tank has not been used,” according to a SEHOS representative.

CMC replied by saying that there was an agreement to use the tank and since that’s not the case, it wants to be compensated for the breach of contract. There is a lot of pressure on SEHOS to install a pressure tank because recently the health inspector Jan Huurman has criticized the institution for not having this tank. A pressure tank is necessary to save lives of those who dive. It is also used for other medical purposes.

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