Published On: Wed, Feb 13th, 2013

Breaking News: Tielkemeyer tears apart investigation on gold bar heist

Court houseWILLEMSTAD – Attorney Ernst Tielkemeyer tears apart the ongoing investigation on the gold heist that occurred on November 30, 2012. This morning the attorney denounced that authorities falsified documents in the case in which more than 70 gold bars were stolen from the vessel Summer Bliss.

Tielkemeyer also said that authorities investigating the case have committed 30 law violations in the 5 raids linked to this case. He also confirmed that he filed a lawsuit on behalf of his client R.R.P. (Penso). Penso is not a suspect anymore, but he is now being accused of concealment and money laundry. Tielkemeyer alleges that there is reason to believe that documents were falsified, possibly done by one or more police officials involved in this case. These documents lead to the raids held on December 27 and 28, 2012.

Tielkemeyer has also requested an investigation in the role the customs had in gold smuggling cases. "There must be clarity in the request made by the American Customs to investigate the Curacao customs on their role in gold smuggling between Guyana and Curacao. These last days we’ve received information that the U.S. Customs has made this request  a while back,” Tielkemeyer said.

There were also 30 law violations  during the raids and this makes people think, according to Tielkemeyer. Authorities do not care about the people during these raids which is a violation against our laws. Besides, when you have raids in people’s house you have to be cautious, the attorney concluded.

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