Published On: Tue, Sep 5th, 2017

Curaçao family suspected of laundering 320 million dollars

moneylaunderingZWOLLE - A Curaçao family is suspected of laundering 320 million dollars. "About 10 percent of the island's gross national product went through the hands of this family," said a Dutch prosecutor at a court house in the city of Zwolle.

The family participated in a criminal organization and had widely used Venezuela's "dollar tourism". For example, criminal Venezuelans bought allegedly goods at one of the family's businesses, but in fact, they bought US dollars against a commission. The same dollars were then sold again in Venezuela, where foreign currencies are scarce.

Legal Councilors of the suspects Itzhak Grynsztein (51), Omer Grynsztein (43), Nachman Grynsztein (80) and Izchak Z. (44) claimed on Tuesday that the former Prime Minister of Curaçao Gerrit Schotte must be heard. He states that this method, also known as "swipe", was and is legal in Curaçao.

The Prosecution named the case Cymbal and sees the family as a steward for the criminal world of South America. One of the customers and suppliers of dollars would be Robbie dos Santos. He was convicted last year of fraud and money laundering of more than 34 million euros.

The lawyers believe that the Prosecution does not have the right to prosecute these suspects in the Netherlands because the acts have been committed in Curaçao. The suspects also do not live in the Netherlands and were absent on Tuesday. However, according to the Prosecution, Cymbal is a Dutch affair: Dutch fake companies and bank accounts. The Prosecution also demands that the family reimburse 20 million euros of criminal profits.

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