Published On: Thu, Jun 2nd, 2016

Dutchman abducted after failed drug deal in Colombia, witness films getaway

BOGOTA - Anxious moments for a Dutch drug tourist in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods of Bogotá, Colombia's capital. According to Semana news the man had bought drugs, but he could not pay.

Therefore, he was kidnapped by drug dealers. The Dutchman finally managed to escape and climb out through the roof, with the dealers behind him. An eyewitness filmed the cat-and-mouse game between the man, his assailants and later the present emergency services.

The images show that the kidnappers kept themselves at a distance from the Dutchman, because of the presence of the police. After an hour the visibly frightened man was freed by the fire brigade and arrested.

According to the Colombian news the Dutchman is lucky that he can talk about the ordeal. Each year dozens of people are being tortured or killed after failed drug deals. Watch the video (be patient, it takes time to load).


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