Published On: Wed, Jul 4th, 2018

Female civil servant sold residence permits, OM demands imprisonment

Court houseWILLEMSTAD - A 49-year-old Curaçao woman stood before a judhe in the Valencia case yesterday. She is suspected by the Public Prosecution (OM) of abusing her position as a clerk at the "intake" department at the Admission Organization.

In 11 months she has provided documents for obtaining residence permits. They were mainly people from Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, China and Colombia. She was paid between 150 and 350 guilders at a time for a total of 13,000 to 14,000 guilders and she also had her clothes washed for free at a Chinese laundry.

The woman made nine statements at the local police and she repeated them in court. She was under the impression that she did not do anything wrong. She received many compliments from her supervisors and she acted in good faith.

The Public Prosecution has heard government officials and former Minister of Justice Nelson Navarro yesterday. The OM demanded 12 months in prison, 6 months of which are conditional, 2 years of probation and 3 years of not being allowed to work in the public sector.

The ruling takes place on 15 August.


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