Published On: Wed, Oct 7th, 2015

Goods seized by Afpakteam (Take Away Team)

Afpakteam 01 071015WILLEMSTAD - The Afpakteam confiscated this morning, during two searches at Sunset Heights and Rancho, five luxury cars (Porsche Cayenne, Porsche Carrera, Jeep Cherokee, Chevrolet Camaro and Lexus), a motorcycle and a scooter. In addition, valuable goods such as watches (Rolex, Breitling), jewelry and a large cash amount in euros were seized.

On September 20, 70,000 euros of the same group were taken away from two couriers who Afpakteam 02 071015arrived from the Netherlands at the Hato airport.

The intention is that the confiscated goods, which are suspected to have been bought with dirty money, will be ultimately sold and the proceeds will be used to combat crime on the island.

Afpakteam 03 071015The Afpakteam is formed by employees of the Tax Department, Customs, Kingdom Police, Curaçao Police Corps and Coast Guard. They operate under the responsibility of the Public Prosecutor. The team was assisted today by members of the Central Investigation Team (RST) and a specialized search team of the Dutch Defense.

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