Published On: Thu, Nov 29th, 2012

“Harvesters” arrested

WILLEMSTAD – Tuesday evening, the police and the security team of the Giro Bank in Riffort arrested three “harvesters”. This was reported by Giro Bank in a press release.

“Harvesters” buy information from skimmers on debit cards in order to loot money from accounts of victims. The suspects are a Dominican man, a Venezuelan man and a Colombian woman. They were caught in the ATM of a hotel. The three had at the time of their arrest a considerable sum of money with them. Also that day a man was arrested at a gas station on the Rooseveltweg. He behaved suspiciously at an ATM. On Jan Noorduynweg there was a man from the Czech Republic arrested. He turned 97 white debit cards, and had an amount of cash and cocaine with him.

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