Published On: Wed, Jul 4th, 2018

Law Enforcement Council criticizes 911 control room

Police-car-crime-scene-740WILLEMSTAD - ‘Although the Curaçao Police Corps (KPC), according to the development plan, has a joint control room for the police, the fire brigade and the ambulance service, this was not yet the case at the time of the investigation.’ The Law Enforcement Council reports this in an investigation into the performance of tasks of the control room of the KPC.

Separation of tasks, but partial implementation of the tasks

The task of accepting and handling urgent notifications is only ensured by the separation between the control room (# 911) and the call center (tel. No. 917). The formation overview of the control room reports the functions of the head of unit, chief, team leader, dispatcher and call-taker, but only the tasks for call-takers and dispatchers are described. Nearly half of these tasks are partially or not executed. One of the most important reasons for this is that a joint control room is missing. The Council advises delivering the renewed location for the joint incident room within a short period of time.

Attention to training

The employees of the control room do not have the necessary training, which is a concern. While the Council understands the situation that newly recruited call takers are in training, it also notes that there is no training plan for the recently appointed team leaders at the control room. Training these managers is important so that they are able to manage the employees of the control room effectively and efficiently, according to the Council.

Poor management, standardization and monitoring

The Council comes to the conclusion that there are no specific frameworks for management at strategic, tactical and operational level. Although the KPC development plan is based on a process-oriented control room, there are no concrete standards and performance indicators within the control room, so that the progress and results of the control room cannot be monitored.

Access is not guaranteed

Although there are ten (10) fixed telephone lines on which the control room can be reached, the KPC does not have a back-up system for the 911 number, so accessibility is not guaranteed under all circumstances. There are also no protocols and / or procedures for crisis situations within the control room.

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