Published On: Wed, Aug 17th, 2016

Multiple convictions for drug trafficking

CourtWILLEMSTAD - Yesterday, a number of drug cases were handled by the court. One involved a Canadian woman who was caught by customs on 29 April this year with 1315 grams of cocaine in her suitcase.

She had booked a flight to Canada. According to the woman part of the contents of the luggage belonged to another woman who had bought so much stuff that she could not take everything herself. The prosecutor and the judge did not believe her story. She was sentenced to 24 months in prison of which 12 is conditional and three years probation.

Two other drug traffickers were also convicted. They are a Canadian couple, who arrived on May 4th with cruise ship Carnival Conquest. When both of them wanted to go back on board, authorities discovered that they had cocaine on their bodies and in their backpacks.

More than three kilos were found on the woman and almost three kilos on the man. They gave several contradictory statements.

The judge sentenced the man to 24 months, the woman also to 24 months but 6 months conditional and both to probation for three years. The convicts should serve their sentences here and then be deported as undesirable aliens

Then they may not enter Curaçao in a period of five years.

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