Published On: Thu, Jun 9th, 2016

New arrest in case Maximus and Magnus

WielsWILLEMSTAD - Police in the Netherlands at the request of the Public Prosecution (OM) in Curaçao made an arrest in the murder case of the late political leader Helmin Wiels. Who was arrested was not disclosed. The OM did indicate that the arrest was made for both the cases Magnus and Maximus.

The case Magnus is the investigation into the perpetrators of the murder, which was committed on the beach at Marie Pampoen on May 20103. In this case, the shooter, Elvis Kuwas alias Monster was sentenced to life in prison.

The case Maximus is the investigation of the Criminal Investigation Team (RST) in Willemstad into the intellectual perpetrators, or those who gave the order to have the popular politician murdered. In that case there are two main suspects: former Minister of Finance for the MFK party George Jamaloodin and his brother lottery boss Robbie dos Santos. The latter was sentenced in March for tax evasion and money laundering.

In both cases there is still another suspect: Burney Fonseca alias Nini. He is seen as the organizer connected to the NLS-gang from the Koraalspecht neighborhood. According to the investigation Fonseca was the middle man who gave the order to Kuwas and other perpetrators to murder the politician. The OM suspects Jamaloodin of giving the order to Fonseca.

OM spokesman Guillano Schoop does not want to say much about the arrest. The investigation may be disrupted, said Schoop. “The man or woman must be interrogated in the coming days. This will take place in the Netherlands. We hope to have more clarity in this case as soon as possible.” It is not yet known when the suspect will be transferred to Curaçao.

During the weekly press conference of the Council of Minister, the Minister of Justice Nelson Navarro said that the OM already knows who the principal authors are of the murder of the popular politician. Navarro even went so far as to claim that the names of the people will be known before the elections of September 30.

Reporting by Dick Dryer

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