Published On: Thu, Oct 25th, 2012

P.V.V.: Press charges against Wiels

WILLEMSTAD –THE HAGUE - The political party PVV wants the Governor of Curaçao to press charges against Pueblo Soberano leader Helmin Wiels, winner of the 2012 elections. According Sietse Fritsma, Member of Parliament for PVV, Wiels has been guilty of incitement to hatred, defamation and sedition.

Fritsma indicates that Wiels is notorious for the statement that "Makambas (old slave word for Dutch people) should return to the Netherlands in body bags.” Especially now that Wiels makes chance to become Prime Minister, Netherlands cannot let this go unnoticed," says Fritsma. “No racist prime minister, who wants Dutch people dead, fits within our kingdom.”

Fritsma will ask the Minister of Kingdom Relations Liesbeth Spies (CDA) during a debate in the Dutch Lower House to request the Acting Governor Adele van der Pluijm-Vrede to file a complaint against Wiels. The House speaks tonight (Dutch time) with Spies on Curacao. After the elections it turns out that a majority of the Dutch Parliament is fine if Curacao wants to become independent.


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