Published On: Wed, Jan 27th, 2016

Poster aims to stop drug use among Dutch interns in Curaçao

Flyer-ANightToRemember 260116WILLEMSTAD - The Public Prosecutor in Curaçao (OM) has begun a remarkable campaign to keep Dutch interns from using drugs. On “The Night 2 remember” poster the tickets are a trip in a police car, the after party in prison and the chances to have the internship terminated.

The posters of the 'party' are placed at popular nightspots where Dutch interns like to hang out. These posters will also be placed at sports clubs and schools. The police will check more often at these places.

According to the prosecution, investigation has shown that about 40 percent of the interns use drugs, especially ecstasy and cocaine. A significant portion of them first used cocaine on the island. The drug use, according to the OM, is “extremely worrying”. So far, no interns have been caught yet carrying drugs.

What penalties are imposed for drug possession in Curacao? (first offense)

1) 10 ecstasy pills in their pockets: two months imprisonment, of which one conditionally

2) Three grams of cocaine in their pockets: 500 guilder fine

3) Sale of cocaine and 250 grams: 9 months in prison

Apparently some Dutch interns go quite crazy on the island. Often it’s their first time without their parents and, there is a lot of partying and experimenting. The local prevention or relief services are not concerned with interns because they do not see it as their task.

It is a piece of cake to find drugs on the island. There are many locations where interns can get it on order or at the drive-in. There is even a certain street where you can go 24 hours a day.

According to a spokesman for the prosecution, Curaçao youngsters hardly use ecstasy and cocaine. They especially smoke marijuana.

“It is extremely worrying,” said Heiko de Jong, Chief Public Prosecutor


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