Published On: Sat, Aug 18th, 2012

Prison equipped with new entrance gates

WILLEMSTAD -  “Sentro di Detension i Korekshon Kòrsou” (SDKK), the Curacao prison formerly known as Bon Futuro, has a new access building by the gate. Demissionary Minister of Jusitie, Mr. Elmer Wilsoe, recently officially opened  the building along with two members of the new monitoring team. The new control building has two scanners, one for visitors and one for employees. In addition, the barred lockers were replaced by new ones. Besides the new gateway, the lot has to be manned.


The Minister therefore called the guards to staff the gate at all times. Which could be a challenge at best, since the prison has been facing a shortage of staff in recent years. Prior to that Curacao had temporary assistance from the Netherlands while getting the recruitment and selection of new staff off the ground.


At the SDKK there are several activities underway to improve the prison. "When I started as Minister of Justice there were 150 cells not in use by faulty plumbing and also most security cameras were not working properly. All of this because the maintenance bills were not paid, "said Minister Wilsoe. There was also much criticism from the Netherlands on the poor conditions of the prison.


"Progress in improving detention conditions in SDKK is hardly observed. It can be said that hygiene seems to be reasonably satisfactory in relation to the past. The institution shall clearly set out all the necessary improvements to the security situation to keep it at an acceptable level ", was the statement in the progress report on the prison early this year.

Safety Plan

The new gateway is funded by Usona. Mr. Wilsoe signed on behalf of the Ministry of Justice in early 2011 a financial agreement with Usona, under which  the Security Plan Curacao resorts.

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