Published On: Wed, Oct 21st, 2015

The Friesland intercepted go fast with 440 kilos of cocaine

go fastWILLEMSTAD - Last week, the Navy ship His Majesty Friesland intercepted a go fast with drugs in the Caribbean Sea, located 90 miles north of Columbia. The Ministry of Defense made this announcement in the Caribbean region.

The go fast with four suspects on board was discovered by the naval vessel and they tried to get away, but was overtaken by the fast interceptor vessel FRISC of Friesland. After the interception the American Law Enforcement Detachment Team (LEDET), which was on board of the Dutch navy ship, went on board the suspect boat. There, 440 kilos of cocaine were found.

On the way to a U.S. Coast Guard ship, the go fast, which was behind the Friesland and sailed by the LEDET team, almost sank due to the rough sea.

Crew and drugs were then brought on board the Friesland. Several hours later, the drugs and the suspects were transferred to U.S. authorities.

Photo: Defense

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