Published On: Thu, May 26th, 2016

About Women and Spirituality’: Sita Bernadina-Hek is 2016 Outstanding Woman

Outstanding WomanWILLEMSTAD - Midwife Sita Bernadina-Hek was recognized last Saturday as the 2016 Outstanding Woman during the 13th Annual Women Conference in Curaçao ‘About Women and Spirituality’. This recognition went for the 11th time to an outstanding woman older than 60, who is from the Caribbean and who during her career did something that benefitted other women.

Sita Bernadina-Hek was born in Surinam on April 29, 1931. She came to live at the age of 9 in Curaçao and left later to study in The Netherlands and became a successful midwife in Curaçao. She went through many challenges but succeeded. She is today 85 years old and worked till 5 years ago as a midwife meaning that she had a career of almost 60 years behind her. Suspicion is that she will still do her job if necessary. She is known for her social power to help many and is at this moment a walking library and historian because of all the experiences she has.

For the organization of the Annual Women Conference in Curaçao this recognizing of women who made a difference in lives in their communities, is a humble effort to document Caribbean history. The award of the Outstanding Woman is a high heel shoe made by artist Gala Martinus from old newspapers showing how high the Outstanding Woman stood in life. On the pictures: 1. the beautiful recognition shoe made by Gala Martinus 2. from left to right: Reyna Joe, 2016 Outstanding Woman Sita Bernadina-Hek, Mougette Bernadina and Orphaline Saleh.

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