Published On: Mon, Feb 22nd, 2016

Admission policy for Americans not adjusted in Aruba

American FlagORANJESTAD, WILLEMSTAD - Aruba will not change its current policy of admitting Americans. This is according to Minister Benny Sevinger of integration, in response to the news that Americans will henceforth no longer need work or residence permit in Curaçao.

The decision of the Minister of Justice in Curaçao Nelson Navarro to lift the restrictions for Americans is based on a court ruling in St. Maarten. Americans filed a case and relied on a friendship treaty between the US and the Netherlands from 1955. It indicated that Americans get the same treatment in the Kingdom as the Dutch.

In St. Maarten and Curacao the European Dutch do not need a residence or work permit, and all to do is show a proof of good and steady income and they will be permitted to enter. On the other hand, in Aruba, European Dutch have to get a residence and work permit to remain on the island.

This is also true, according to Minister Sevinger, for Europeans from EU Member States and Americans, there is already equal treatment. By law, after a five-year stay in Aruba they no longer require residence and work permits. According to the Minister, this process is thus already flexible enough for the Americans and the Dutch, who want to live in Aruba.

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