Published On: Wed, Sep 19th, 2012

Another complaint filed against Prime Minister Schotte

WILLEMSTAD - The Public Prosecutor (OM) received a complaint against demissionary Premier Gerrit Schotte with the request to prosecute him for money laundering and bribery. The report relates to the unusual transactions (MOT) reports that the OM previously received. Schotte stated earlier that these reports were investigated, but this was denied by the prosecution.

The declaration by civil Harry Verstappen mows the grass off the feet of Fundashon Akshon Sivil, which also deals with the unusual financial transactions of the Prime Minister. The group said earlier that they wants to get more evidence against Schotte before filing a complaint.

According to Verstappen, there are already enough suspicions that the (cash) deposits to the account of Schotte were related to possible offenses. The transaction date from the time that the MFK leader was not the prime minister.

"Never before have so many serious suspicions and accusations and emerged against ministers as in the past two years on Curaçao," writes Verstappen to the Public Prosecutors.

The package of paper that the prosecution received  includes 109 pages. 105 pages cover the various attachments to the declaration of support. It is mainly the 50 reports of the MOT on Gerrit Schotte between 10 March 2008 and 1 November 2010. It goes according to Verstappen mainly on cash deposits to the account of Schotte during the period when he was Commissioner of Tourism.

Press Officer Norman Serphos declared that the prosecution announced that the declaration is currently viewed by Attorney General Dick Piar. The case will be assigned to a public prosecutor who will validate the complaint and to see whether there is a suspicion that Gerrit Schotte committed offenses.

If the declaration is politically motivated, then the OM will leave the case until after the election.

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