Published On: Tue, Jun 28th, 2016

Aqualectra: “Fraudulent sub contractor must pay!”

water meterWILLEMSTAD - Three contractors have committed fraud with water and electricity meters. They may no longer perform work for the utility company Aqualectra. This was recently announced by the Aqualectra director Darick Jonis.

The utility company, which is going through some tough times producing enough electricity, indicated that it wants one of the companies where one of the employees that committed this fraud was employed to pay a fine of three hundred thousand guilders. This company is Curaçao Industrial Services (CIS).

CIS disagrees and believes that the company cannot be punished for the misconduct of one of its employees. The CIS also indicates that it has not been proven yet that this fraud was committed at the house of its employees. They therefore believe that Aqualectra needs to do more investigation.

The legal representatives of each company are discussing what steps they will take next. But the Aqualectra director stated that there is no more trust in these companies. “They come to our clients’ houses as our representatives. We cannot trust them anymore,” said Jonis.

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