Published On: Wed, Mar 18th, 2015

Aqualectra is going to renovate 140 km of water pipes

Darick JonisWILLEMSTAD – The utility company Aqualectra will renovate water pipes in various areas on the island. This is in response to the many complaints about the quality of the water. Users have been complaining about the color of the water in their areas. There were also complaints about the taste, leakage, households without water and the water pressure. This projects entails the renovation of water pipes in 25 neighborhoods and is expected to last three years.

The cost of the project amounts to 25 million guilders. Curaçao Wegenbouwmaatschappij begins on April 1 with the work in the Suffisant neighbordhoo.

Here is a list of the neighborhoods:

Suffisant, Mahaai area, Souax / Juan Domingu, Mahuma, Schelpwijk, Kaya Antoine Pipers / Jan Doret, Industry Park Brievengat, Cas Grandi, Road to Santa Catharina, Barentslaan, North Zapateer, Normandie, St Michel Liber, Andres Belloweg, Sabana Baka and surroundings, Bermudaweg / Avesweg, Shastaweg, Diamantweg, Stakamahachiweg, Rooi Santu 190 area, New Netherlands, Kaya Nathan, The Bottomweg, Kitoki Kaya, Kaya Amsterdam and Tintamaraweg and surroundings.

Check the list to see if your neighborhood is part of the project.

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