Published On: Thu, Feb 11th, 2016

Asjes: “MPs and Minister who are suspects in criminal proceedings should be suspended or dismissed”

Ivar-Asjes-10WILLEMSTAD – According to former Prime Minister and now leader of the political party Pro Korsou, Ivar Asjes, in the future Members of Parliament and ministers who are considered suspects in a criminal case should be suspended or dismissed from their public function.

Asjes and his party have recently announced that once they have representation in parliament, they will submit a bill proposal to allow the suspension or dismissal of the accused MPs and ministers. Pro Kòrsou also declared that on the basis of its code of conduct not to form a coalition with parties that have board members, MPs or ministers who are branded as suspects by the public prosecutor.

In the statement the party indicates that in recent years there have been a lot of political unrest on the island. Some of the MPs lack maturity and there reigns an atmosphere of continuous conflict in parliament between the members.

The same pattern is also seen in the coalition parties. It all adds up according to Asjes to instability and mistrust between politicians.

“And the pinnacle of all this is that there is now an MP who was sentenced by the court in a criminal case for violation of professional secrecy. There have also been several MPs who have been identified by the Public Prosecution as suspects in corruption cases and/or conspiracy to murder,” said the former Prime Minister in his statement.

The level of politics must also be lifted, according to the party. Pro Kòrsou considers that there are too many ineffectual MPs that only look for conflicts with other MPs instead of doing their work. This hinders the development of the island.

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