Published On: Thu, Aug 6th, 2015

Ava Airways requested a meeting with the Central Committee of Transportation of Parliament

DSC_0506WILLEMSTAD –In a letter written on August 3rdandsign by its President of the Board Mr. Giovanni M.A. Atalita and its Chairman Mr. Olivier E. Arrindell, The company, Ava Airways presented 5 points it want to present to members of Parliament regarding the state of Civil Aviation in Curacao and their company Economic Authority.   The five points of the agenda presented to Parliament are

1. Present the Business Plan of Ava Airways to the Parliament of Curacao, 2. Express Ava Airways concern on Curacao Aviation open sky policy, 3. Understanding on Ava Airways Economic Authority Status, 4. Ava Airways intension on helping and contributing to Curacao Exiting the IASA category 2 rating and 5. The General understanding on how to become a designated Curacao Airline

On June 11, 2015 and a few weeks ago Airways requested the Curacao AOC requirements and post holder information needs from the Minister of transportation Mrs. Suzanne Camelia-Römer.  To this date the company has not received any responses from the Minister on its request, nor any responses to the number of letters sent.

Ava Airways requested from the Minister of transportation a complete systematic process overview of all Curacao AOC requirements and all departments/stakeholders involved, to fulfill the Airline AOC approval, including all clearly defined information needs to be produced delivered by the AOC requestor.  Ava Airways chairman stated that the company requested this information to put transparence on the table and make sure that all are complying with ICAO rules and regulations.   Olivier Arrindell also stated that we have a team of expert that is very knowledge in the Airline certification process and what the company is trying to accomplish with this is to have the correct measure and process apply to Ava Airways.

The letter to Parliament was also presented to the political factions of Pueblo Soberano, MFK, PAIS, PAR, MAN, PNP, Glennn Sulvaran and Ms. Omayra Leeflang also cc to the company investment partners Capital Partners and Grave Aviation Holding LLC.

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