Published On: Thu, Aug 27th, 2015

AVA Airways to put pressure on parliament to get economic permit

Ava_no_tag (1)WILLEMSTAD – The parliament of Curaçao has finally reacted on several requests from the representatives of the aviation company AVA Airways for a meeting with the lawmakers.

AVA wants the parliament to put pressure on the government, especially the Ministry of Traffic, Transportation and Urban Planning (VVRP), which is also responsible for the aviation sector, to get their economic permit. The patience of the representatives of the airline has been put to the test during these few months.

After repeatedly having submitted all kinds of papers for an economic permit to the Ministry of VVRP, they have only received rejections. An economic permit is required to get the airline off the ground.

The VVRP is now like a stumbling block for AVA Airways. The representatives of the airlines have been asking for clarity for some time now. They’ve also asked for the development of the process to get the economic permit and which departments are supposed to advise the minister on this matter.

The idea of Ava Airways is to present its business plan to the standing committee of transportation in parliament. AVA wants the MPs to see for themselves how advanced the plans are to get the airline off the ground. AVA also wants to help the aviation sector to get out of category 2 status, according to the representatives.

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