Published On: Fri, Jan 17th, 2014

Balentien apologizes during press conference

Detroit Tigers v Seattle MarinersMIAMI, WILLEMSTAD – The Curacao born baseball player, Wladimir ‘Coco’ Balentien, apologized yesterday during a press conference in Miami. “I am ashamed to stand me here today, but it's my own fault,” 'Coco' declared. Then he apologized to his family, teammates and the Japanese people.

Balentien did not give any details about the case, but said: “If the truth comes out, I’m OK.” His lawyer reiterated that the power hitter did not violate the law. It was not possible to talk more about the case because it is still pending.

Marriage Problems

Slowly, more is becoming clear about the case. According to Shukan Bunshun, Balentien called a day before the incident with the announcement that he would come to pick up some Baseball stuff but his wife refused. On the same day around 16:00 local time Balentien called again and suddenly appeared at the house. A Japanese journalist was present on behalf of the said medium to interview his wife about their marriage problems. There were relatives of his wife present: her parents, her aunt, her fourteen year old son and their two year old daughter. Balentien’s wife closed all the doors and called the police and went with all the family upstairs. The journalist hid on the first floor.


Balentien did not accept this and began beating on the door and a window. He shouted that he knew they were at home and it was his house. Through an open window, he managed to get inside. There he saw the Japanese journalist who tried to alert the family. Balentien went upstairs and there was an altercation between him and his wife. He grabbed her, pushed her into the bedroom and closed the door. Meanwhile, her mother tried to open the door.


Not much later, there were four police cars on the sidewalk. Balentien calmed down when the police came and went with them. His wife pointed to the red welts on her arm and told her story to the officers.

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