Published On: Fri, Jul 3rd, 2015

Bandabou community in revolt against the government

BandabouWILLEMSTAD - Residents of Bandabou expressed their dissatisfaction with the facilities on the west side of the island. A group of protesters barricaded the road around Grote Berg. They also lit tires on fire right in the middle of the road blocking the way for cars.

According to the protesters the government is not doing enough for the people of Bandabou. On their signs they indicated the need for a pharmacy in Barber, the fire station and a library.

With signs protesting the group include the pharmacy Barber, the fire station the library.

The only pharmacy in Barber was closed this year after it was declared bankrupt. The pharmacy was closed for several months. Residents of Bandabou are therefore forced to go all the way to Botika in Tera Kòrá to get their medicine. This is particularly a big problem for the elderly. Bettina NV and pharmacy Tera Kòrá recently expressed their intentions to open a pharmacy in Barber.

According to our sources, the Minister of Health, Ben Whiteman has already issued the license to one of the candidates for the pharmacy.

The protesters were also complaining about the road to Bandabou. This road has been under construction for more than eight months now.

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