Published On: Mon, May 16th, 2016

Bankruptcy Ctex no consequence for survival data center

CTEXWILLEMSTAD – According to the CEO of the local telecommunications company UTS, Paul de Geus, if it comes to a bankruptcy of the Curaçao Technology Exchange (CTX) it will have no impact on the survival of the data center.

UTS subsidiary company International Data Gateway Inc. took over the building, the equipment and the customers of the ailing company, Ctex can continue operating, but creditors, including UTS may request bankruptcy for their money.

De Geus indicated that he believes in the project and will therefore do everything possible to develop the data center. There is still the problem of the bankruptcy request and it is up to the new owner to take care of it.

Since its founding the datacenter has been struggling with problems. In December 2015 the company received a suspension of payments, as it turned out Ctex was not able to pay its creditors. In early December the companies Holland West Indies Trading BV and Antillean Rain Gutters filed a request to declare bankruptcy.

De Geus stated that the bankruptcy will have no effect on the daily business of the data center or the clients. UTS will lose its initial investment of 5 million dollars in the company.

UTS has also spend 18 months to keep the business going. But the company still believes in the concept of a data center in Curaçao. De Geus expects that in the future Curaçao will reap the benefits. The problem is, according to De Geus, the way the data center has been set up. Now the situation has changed and a new management is working on making the data center successful.

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