Published On: Thu, Feb 13th, 2014

Blanchard (CAP): “It’s easy, Insel Air has to pay!”

Ralph BlanchardWILLEMSTAD – Curacao Airport Partner (CAP) recognizes the importance of Insel Air’s activities for the airport and that they are substantial. But if the numbers are analyzed, the earnings for CAP, as a result of each one of Insel Air’s flights, are much lower compared to others which are operating on a regular basis to and from Curacao. “One has to understand that this is a business,” the CAP’s CEO, Ralph Blanchard declared during their press conference.

“CAP has its commitments. It’s not just that a company’s success is at the cost of another company’s loss. Insel Air must simply understand that we cannot continue allowing them not to comply with their obligations,” Blanchard said.

CAP has been regularly the target of criticism by Insel Air’s management for various reasons. CAP believes that Insel Air receives the same treatment as other aviation companies. CAP’s management reiterates in every meeting with the Government, Insel Air and other stakeholders, that it is important to have a local airline, because it is good for the economy of the island. They have an important role and CAP recognizes and supports that. CAP also has its commitments and if one of its customers is using the airport’s facilities, then CAP expects payment which is normal. The problem with Insel Air is that CAP cannot continue allowing them to fall behind with their financial commitments to the airport operator.

“The issue is very simple, Insel Air has to pay. It doesn’t matter if it’s Insel Air, KLM, American Airlines, Avianca or others. Everyone has to pay!” Blanchard stressed.

“CAP has been very flexible with Insel Air during the years. If we allow our clients to fall behind with their payments, then this will put pressure on our finances. CAP cannot take that risk!” Blanchard said.

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