Published On: Thu, Dec 6th, 2012

BOO employees urges the Government to suspend RdK’s Board of Directors

WILLEMSTAD – Employees of the Curacao Refinery Utilities (CRU), better known as Build Own and Operate (BOO) have united and are asking the Government, as the sole shareholder of the public company Curacao Refinery (RdK) and CRU to suspend the Board of Directors as soon as possible.

These employees are also asking to deal with CRU’s management team. The Board of Directors represented by Oswald van der Dijs, president of the Board, has recently suspended Herbert Mensche, the recently appointed Interim Director.

The employees are indicating that Mensche was appointed by the Government because there are certain operational issues that are not right. He received instructions from the Government, but it was the Board of Directors who should have signed a contract with him. On Wednesday, Mensche has assigned some people to go to CRU. One of these persons was Mr. Koolman, former BOO Director. Some employees even said that the current BOO Director, Mr. Barbolina said that he does not want to see Mensche and Koolman at all in BOO. Barbolina said that he only respects the Board of Directors.

The employees think that it is necessary to do a financial investigation because there are many issues that are not correct. There were cases where people have received sixty thousand guilders a month for a job that doesn’t even make sense. The employees are urging the Government to suspend the Board of Directors.

There are cases where “friends” have received certain projects while others were already working on them. Once more there is the issue about certain members of the Board who are also doing work for BOO. There are members of the Board who have changed the names on their company to receive projects in BOO.

They see that the CRU’s management team and the Board of Directors are fighting against Mensche to boycott the financial investigation. In one year the Board and the Management have paid 43 million guilders to contractors. There are more things that are not right, according to the employees.

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