Published On: Fri, Nov 16th, 2012

More political chaos. PAR rejects willingness declaration. MP for PAR becomes independent

WILLEMSTAD – After what should have been an historic moment for Curacao where supposedly the four parties PS, PAR, PAIS and PNP have signed a willingness declaration to form a government, it seems that PAR has not signed and is not willing to work with PS. Reasons for this are still unknown.

Member for parliament Glenn Sulvaran, who does agree with the willingness declaration, has left PAR to become an independent member of parliament to support the other three parties. The three parties PS, PAIS, PNP together with independent member Glenn Sulvaran now have 11 seats in parliament which represents a majority. This small majority is enough to form a government.

Glenn Sulvaran is one of the co founders of the political party PAR in 1993 after Curacao has voted to stay within the Netherlands Antilles.

The PAR is currently in a meeting in the party offices and will give a press conference tonight. Meanwhile the Informateur Glenn Camelia is with the Acting Governor to inform on the latest development.

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