Published On: Mon, Sep 22nd, 2014

Brunings: “Insel Air lingers with formalities”

InselAirPARAMARIBO, ORANJESTAD - There remains only one formality to resolve the conflict between InselAir and Surinamese aviation authorities, but the company lingers for its final obligations to meet international requirements. This is according to Gerard Brunings, presidential adviser for the aviation sector in Suriname.

He responds to media reports about an alleged ultimatum of the Minister of Transport of Aruba to his Surinamese colleague Falisi Pinas. Suriname must indicate what the state of affairs is in the InselAir Aruba conflict no later than Wednesday. If not, the SLM flights to and from Aruba will be banned.

“I do not believe that the Minister of Aruba would have said that because, according to the treaty, the SLM flights cannot be terminated abruptly. It is well established within what deadlines that must be done. Moreover, we are in constant consultations with the aeronautical authorities of Aruba,” Brunings stressed.

He says that the ball is in InselAir Aruba’s court. Brian Desouza, acting head of the Casas, confirms that the aviation company has not yet finalized formalities in Suriname. “Suriname is no obstacle to InselAir’s plans to directly connect Suriname to Aruba. But it must follow the procedures applicable throughout the world.”

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