Published On: Thu, Apr 11th, 2013

Call for new hospital – Song without end

cw-cba-curacao-bankers-association-220WILLEMSTAD (CBA) - Without taking sides in the current dispute, the local bankers still have to express themselves on the debate about the construction of a new hospital for Curaçao which became a song without end. For decades past, we talk and even announced plans, but there is no view of the first stone - let alone the last one!

The board of the Bankers Association CBA does not pretend to have the knowledge to judge on what plan, what location, what intent, etc. the most favorable ones are for Curaçao . This much is clear that from 1963 a debate has been going on about the need for a new general hospital for Curaçao, because the 165 year old St. Elisabeth Hospital no longer meets the standards of the time. Aside from the litany of pros and cons, the bankers are concerned about how frivolous detailed plans such as those of the group around Prof Bob Pinedo end of 2010 and that of USONA end of 2012 ricocheted while millions in public funds are involved .

Economic Push

Bankers also understand that if the construction of a new hospital goes back on the shelf, this is a big loss for both the Curaçao economy, which is already going through difficult time, and for employment in the construction industry and related branches. Curacao needs new big projects like these to boost economic activities. In addition, rapid realization of this new project will bring relief for newly proclaimed harsh measures, how necessary, like the basic health insurance (BVZ) and the general old-age pension (AOV). A new well equipped hospital will contribute to much needed improvement of the quality of medical care.


Against the background of large debts of the St. Elisabeth Hospital, inadequate hospital rates and the SVB shortages for health costs, the bankers recognize that financing a new hospital is no easy matter. A loan from the government for this project is preferable, because through the Dutch government the most favorable (interest) conditions can be obtained.


The CBA sympathizes with the citizens who are tired about the political wrangling surrounding the hospital leaving nothing but the ground. It gives extra pain if you see that a large part of the local financial institutions are participating in the financing of expansion of the hospital on the sister island of Aruba. How long must we wait in Curaçao on a new hospital?

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