Published On: Thu, Jan 15th, 2015

Capacity problems Intensive Care

Saint Elizabeth HospitalWILLEMSTAD - There are too many patients in the St. Elisabeth Hospital for the available facilities and staff in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). This is according to the medical director of the hospital, Dr. Cai Winkel.

Winkel indicates that there is a lot of concerns and complaints among the striking staff of the emergency room. They are worried about the fact that they cannot adequately respond to situations and provide optimal care can provide to patients who really need to be on the ICU.

Winkel believes that patients who are assigned a bed in the ICU should actually be sent to Aruba or Colombia because of space.

Other reasons for the current crisis are that a large number of nurses are on sick leave because of the chikungunya virus. There are also a number of them on maternity leave. “All this creates a crisis, but it is not a crisis that we cannot solve,” the medical director indicated.

At this time, the emergency department has 6 beds and there are 29 ICU nurses. Winkel expect that in about one and a half year there will be more beds and trained nurses available.


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