Published On: Fri, Apr 17th, 2015

CHATA: New Board, New Faces, Continued Strategy

WillemstadWILLEMSTAD - On April 14th 2015, the CHATA board held its Board Retreat to discuss actions and strategy for the new term ahead. CHATA has been raising the bar in the last two years, and the board of CHATA would like to continue with the same strategy to ultimately drive growth for our tourism industry.

The 5 goals that the board will continue to focus on, includes airlift, sales & marketing, product development/membership, Communication and most importantly Public Private Partnership.

The CHATA board is convinced that Curacao must continue to stimulate more airlift development out of the US market and continue to develop secondary European markets such as Scandinavia, Germany, Belgium and Sweden. For 2015 a strong focus will be given on the South American market. According to CHATA, we cannot continue to ignore the opportunities in the South American market. We need to re-organize the way we invest in the market. Colombia, Brazil and Venezuela are part of the plan but each one of them with a more hands on approach.

Destination Marketing (Branding) is also one of the key elements of the game plan. Sales must be realized by the private sector but the destination needs to focus on branding itself.

Furthermore CHATA will continue to develop itself as the DATA center of the tourism industry, with more research on trends and developments and more insights on the progress and performance of our industry.

Product & membership Development will be an integral part of CHATA’s growth where the association will be introducing a program for Small Accommodations and Restaurants. The Transportation, Diving and Airline industry is also in need of our attention and will be part of our plan for 2015/2016.

CHATA is the voice of the sector and will continue to communicate and deliver the message of tourism and its importance to all stakeholders and partners.

During the meeting the CHATA Board divided the positions and tasks of the board members as follows:

Position Name Company
President & CEO Lizanne Dindial CHATA
Chairman Will Voges Lions Dive Beach Resort
Vice Chairman/Treasurer Jeroen Kibbelaar Impacto N.V.


Name Company
Ben Hoijtink Wassert Korsou
Cedric Nubul Hilton Curaçao
Eduardo Reple Curaçao Marriott Beach Resort
Frank Holtslag Floris Suite Hotel
Irene Ferreira Trupial Inn
Jurgen Lippinkhof InselAir
Omar van der Dijs Licores Maduro
Peggy Croes Curaçao Airport Partners
Sander Winterberg Livingstone Jan Thiel Resort

For 2015, CHATA will be changing the game by thinking differently. Let us make use of the potential of our tourism industry.

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