Published On: Tue, Dec 10th, 2013

Child abuse has increased in 2013

AbuseWILLEMSTAD - Child abuse on the island is on the rise.  This is according to the Foundation against Child Abuse (STK). In 2013, the organization dealt with 2644 cases. According to President Corah Kooistra this represented an increase of about 300 cases compared to last year.

The STK had expected the rise, says Kooistra to "In the past two years, the overall social situation deteriorated. Seeing the youth on the streets and unemployment, they organization saw this increase coming.”

Female violence

In the past year, there were 424 reports of acts of violence against men. “In the majority of cases it involved physical violence,” Kooistra indicated. "We send them to the police, but there is still a huge taboo. Not only the men themselves who have their pride. Agents often response along the lines of; “What kind of man are you that you allow that?” The police will have to realize that violence is also committed by women.

Armed bullying

The STK visited 126 institutions to provide information and awareness for, among other physical abuse, sexual abuse, bullying, juvenile delinquency and prostitution. The foundation also made ​​54 interventions in cases of bullying, which usually happens in schools. Kooistra: “We talk to the kids. There are still many schools where not much is done against bullying, while it can go very far. In some schools, teachers don’t dare to do anything for fear of the family of the students. It happen a number of times that people with guns would come to school. Then they call us.”

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