Published On: Tue, Feb 5th, 2013

CIBC Firstcaribbean and its employees enjoyed adopting fundashon un man pa hubentut Souax

WILLEMSTAD – CIBC FirstCaribbean and its employees throughthe Adopt-A-Causeproject, contributed to the valuable work done by “Fundashon Un Man pa Hubentut” (Foundation A Hand for the Youth) in the Souax area. The foundation has been providing after-school activities to more than 40 youths from Souax and the surrounding neighborhoods, for the last 10 years.  As part of this project CIBC FirstCaribbean got the kids and the foundation reconnected to the digital highway and also fixed the water fountain. The employees of the bank interacted with the kids at the Center and took turns reading out of the book “Un dia tabatin” from renowned author Pierre Lauffer during the weekly reading sessions, organized a Christmas decoration workshop and more recently created Carnival masks with the children. This last activity culminatedwith a mini Carnival party at the Center.

CIBC FirstCaribbean and its employees were extremely pleased to take part in this project which gave them the opportunity to contribute to the community.

Fundashon Un Man pa Hubentut was born out of the passion of its two founders,Mr. Rendy Speranza and Mrs. Nardha Jansen, to do something for the kids in these neighborhoods, as most were roaming the streets with nowhere to go after school.

Today, both with the same passion and enthusiasm, on a daily basis they provide a comprehensive well-structured program, not only to keep the kids off the streets but also to educate them and help them become well-rounded citizens in our community. The kids, besides doing their homework, get the opportunity at the Center to participate in sporting activities, learn music, grow their own crops and discuss community issues through the weekly discussion sessions. The work done by Mr. Speranza and Mrs. Jansen is not limited to the Center since they often assistfamilies experiencing difficulties at home.

Lysaira Arvelo-Ortela, Marketing Manager for CIBC FirstCaribbean said: “We truly enjoyed working with Fundashon Un Man pa Hubentut.  Our banknot only contributed in getting the kids and the foundation reconnected to the digital highway but also contributed in providing (cold)drinking water. Our employees meanwhile participated in activities that they truly enjoyed and resulted in special moments with the kids that they will never forget. The passion by the leaders at the foundation and the love and warmth of the kids has provided our colleagues with lasting memories.  We truly hope our contribution will help the foundation to continue with their valuable work.”

“We thank CIBC FirstCaribbean for their contribution and the engagement of the employees.  We truly appreciated and enjoyed the project.  The commitment by the bank and the dedication by the employees was a pleasant surprise to us.  Thanks CIBC FirstCaribbean and thanks to all our friends at the bank,” an always spontaneous Mr. Rendy Speranza said.

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